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Hazel E From Love And Hip Hop Is UNRECOGNIZABLE . . . After Her FULL FACELIFT!! (PICS)


Hazel E has gotten a BRAND NEW FACE – and we can hardly recognize her.
Hazel was DROPPED from Love And Hip Hop last season – and she’s been looking to stay in the public eye ever since.

Her new look definitely has got people talking.

We’ve seen Hazel undergo a nose job during the filming of the show. She has been blasted by social media after making homophobic statements as well as statements regarding colorism – which lead to her being dropped from the show.

“Burn in hell just like God said in the Bible!” she then continued “Y’all making up posts, I’m stating facts. Go read the Bible, google self-hatred amongst black women then come holla at this Queen.”

She also faced backlash on the show when she posted a picture mocking Jess Hilarious – who outed her man as a cheater, along with images of other dark-skinned women referring to Jess as a “raggedy broke black a** b**ch” and a “monkey” and praising her light, bright skin.

It’s clear that Hazel E has many issues. It also appears that she has been lightening her skin even further. Take a look at the pictures below.

Here’s what she used to look like:

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Now this is her:

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