Hazel E From LOVE AND HIP HOP Got A Full Facelift . . . She Now Looks Like 'An OLD JEWISH LADY'!!

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Hazel E has admitted to having a BUNCH of plastic surgery procedures. She's gotten breast implants, her butt done, and her stomach lipo'd. Now she's turned to her face.

37 year old Hazel is almost UNRECOGNIZABLE now. Not only did she get a nose job and significant botox - but she also appears to have gotten a FULL FACE LIFT.

Here's Hazel:

Hazel was in the news earlier this month when she appeared on Iyanla Vanzant's show Iyanla: Fix My Life. The episode has gone viral because of one particular clip where Iyanla makes Hazel read her ignorant rap lyrics to legendary trailblazing black women from history including Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman.

“These black women of all shades and hues … do you know what those women had to do so you could even be on television—that’s your foundation!” Iyanla tells Hazel.

The Root goes into more detail:

But the most compelling footage comes when Vanzant asks Hazel to read her lyrics to the photo of Dorothy Dandridge.

“Pop my butt, pop, pop, pop my butt, pop my butt,” reads Hazel in a monotone. Vanzant then booms, pointing to a photo in the room of Harriet Tubman. “Do you know what ‘pop my butt’ meant to Harriet Tubman?! It meant a whip! It meant a whip to her!”

It quickly became a hilarious meme with Twitter users replacing Hazel's lyrics with other lyrics: