Have You Seen What NBA Baller JOHN WALL Looks Like Now . . . IS HE SICK????

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The NBAs Washington Wiards released a pic of NBA star John Wall yesterday. But he looked really bad. And we men EXTRA REAL BAD.

The NBA satar is just 28 years old - and in the prime of his NBA career. But the picture that was rleased has people wondering if he's sick. John's fans are commenting extensively on the picture - and most commenters fall into two camps.

One group of commenters are worried about the young NBA player's health. Some are speculating that he could have a benign illness like the flu. While others are suggesting that he may have some sort f illness that effects his organs - like his liver or kidneys.

But the other group of commenters are HEARTLESS. They are just making FUN of his looks. Here are some of the comments that are seen online:

Why is his black cracking?

Too many rough nights at Stadium and Rosebar lol

Bobby Brown 2.0

Is he on that narcotic

According to The Washington Post, "The Wizards posted the photo with, in theory, justifiable pride, given that Wall was among a select group of players invited to Las Vegas for the national basketball team’s three-day minicamp. However, the Wizards quickly deleted the Twitter post once it became clear that the photo was engendering far more amusement than admiration."

Bleacher Report’s Yaron Weitzman, covering the minicamp, asked Wall about the fact that his photo was blowing up the Internet. The five-time all-star reportedly replied that while he had yet to check Twitter, he sent the photo to his mother and told her, “It looks like I just got to jail.”