Have Y'all Seen MEL B Lately . . . Her Body Is Looking . . . CRACK HEAD-ISH!! (Bikini)

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Mel B is currently in Palm Springs, California enjoying a vacation. The paparazzi managed to snap a few BIKINI PICS of the 42-year-old singerwhile she was out in the sun. 

Remember when Mel B had the kind of body that EVERY WOMAN WANTED? Well she's not quite the same anymore.

When the pics of Mel B hit social media, folks said that she was shaped like a "strong crackhead."

Here are the images - #1

Here are the images #2

She's probably taking some much needed rest before her busy season starts up because TMZ says that, "Mel claims the Spice Girls will perform at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on May 19 — and, of course, they have a reunion tour kicking off later this year.

Her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte claims that Mel B struggled with an addiction to cocaine.

According to other legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Mel B says while she was with Stephen he aggressively tried to drive a wedge between her and Eddie Murphy. She says Stephen once took her phone and sent text messages to Eddie's assistant ... and whatever he texted pissed Eddie off enough to cancel a visit with Angel, his daughter with Mel B.

Mel's desert outing comes up just as she says she wants to 'set the record straight' by writing a tell-all book about what really went on with her "abusive" ex-husband Belafonte, according to The Bookseller. Her statement also said, "I have kept silent for a decade, but after a very public court case, I want to set the record straight...This book will show that abuse can happen to anyone.

"It is important that my three girls, who I raise as a single mother, know how to break the chain of abuse—along with any other woman who reads this book."