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A judge has ruled that Harvey Weinstein's upcoming rape trial will remain in Manhattan, despite his team filing a motion to have the venue changed. 

"It is ordered that the motion is denied in its entirety," the decision reads per Vanity Fair.

One of Weinstein's attorneys, Arthur Aidala, claimed that a change in venue would foster a "circuslike atmosphere."

"A circuslike atmosphere has been created by government officials, media coverage, and political activists who view this matter more as a political, cultural and social event than a criminal trial," he wrote.

Assistant District Attorney Harriett Galvin disagrees. "The fact is that New York County, with its rich base of jurors from vastly varied backgrounds, provides one of the best opportunities in New York State to ensure a pool of impartial jurors," she wrote, adding that jurors in Albany and Long Island "have access to the same news sources and social media as their counterparts in Manhattan," making a location change pointless.