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Despite being awaiting his trial, where he is facing several charges of sexual misconduct, shamed Hollywood executive, Harvey Weinstein is rumored to have attended the Sundance Festival to take meetings.

Page Six reports that a source told them "that they heard Weinstein was taking meetings, but he hadn’t been seen publicly."

Weinstein's former assistant also attended the festival and "attended the Gucci and Chime for Change event on Sunday."

The premiere of Ursula Macfarlane's 98-minute documentary titled 'Untouchable' which documents Weinstein's alleged sordid past spanning four decades took place at Sundance.

"We would've loved Harvey to be in the film so he could answer to these allegations and tell us about himself," USA Today reports that Macfarlane said at a post-screening Q&A. 

"It felt more dramatic than to just watch him in a news clip. There's something quite haunting about it, because his presence loomed large."