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Lysette Anthony, a British actress and one of the dozens of women who stepped forward to accuse disgraced Hollywood exec, Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, claims that she still has nightmares about the alleged rape.

"I still have nightmares. I have nightmares of mounds of white revolting flesh and skin with pours like bloody black volcanoes stuffed with crusty pus," she told the U.K.'s Channel 4 News.

"He talked and talked and talked and told me he wanted to get into the film industry," she recalled of their meeting back in the '80s. She says that they soon became friends until one day, Weinstein showed up at her apartment.

He had invited himself.

"I have this memory of one morning in my little basement flat suddenly seeing this fat lump of a man stumbling down my steep little steps," she said. "He knocked on the door. It was in the morning I only had a gown on. He pushed me against my coat rack, and he raped me. . . . He was heavy and fat, and I was trying to get him off and (I was) giving up. And that's that bit."

She said the second time was during the Cannes Film Festival in a hotel room.

"I remember bumping into him and him literally waddling after me and pushing me into my little room … and raping me," she said.