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HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! Utah Man MURDERS His Father . . . And You Won't BELIEVE What He Did . . . To His Father's Body!!


A Utah man is being charged with one of the WORST crimes imaginable - on Father's Day.

Police say that 27 year old Omar Carmona was angry at his father, Marco Carmona. The two started arguing after Marco told his son that he didn't believe that someone could break in to their mobile home, according to police.

A fight between the two broke out, and authorities say Omar started strangling his father. Omar allegedly held on for 20 minutes as his father struggled for his life, leaving scratches on his son's chest and back. Eventually Marco dies and Omar allegedly dragged his body to the freezer in the living room, put him inside and plugged it in.

Once his father was dead, police say that Marco ROBBED his father - stealing his money, wallet, and his cellphone.

Police arrested Omar yesterday, and they claim that Omar confessed to everything. He is expected to be charged with CAPITAL MURDER and DESECRATION of a corpse.