KIDS TARGETED!!! One-Year-Old Girl . . . SHOT IN THE HEAD AND MURDERED . . . And Her 7-Year-Old Brother . . . SHOT IN THE CHEST!!


The Broward Sheriff’s Office is reporting that 32-year-old Timothy Hollis shot and killed his daughter, 1-year-old Kalila Hollis, and then shot and critically injured his 7-year-old son Timothy Hollis Jr. He then turned the gun on himself, ending his life.

Timothy and Kalila were both pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. By the grace of God, Timothy Jr. survived. He was transported to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and is in critical condition.

What happened? Well police say that Timothy, his girlfriend and the kids were all traveling in their vehicle. Timothy and his baby's mother started arguing, and she fled the car, trying to get to a relative's home for help.

While she was inside, she heard gunshots. Carter says that's when Timothy pulled out a gun, and shot their kids in the car.