The custody battle between Halle Berry and her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, has taken a weird turn, as the star is claiming that he insisted on identifying Halle and their child as "white."

Halle Berry also claimed Aubry used racial slurs in her presence, reports Radar Online.

In a 2011 Los Angeles court filing, Halle stated that she believed Aubry, was "fundamentally racist."

"Shortly after Nahla was born, Petitioner often started saying that Nahla was not black that she was white," she wrote in the sealed documents. "I would ask Petitioner how she could be white when she has a black mother. Petitioner responded that in his mind I was not black."

"While there are many theories, and I believe in this one, I was more surprised by Petitioner's lack of awareness of multiracial issues and his apparent inflexibility to allow the decision to be our daughter's," she continued in the court papers. "Further, since this was the first time Petitioner made these revelations to me about my race and more importantly our daughter's race, I was deeply disturbed."