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HAIR STORE Advertises 'FREE WEAVE BUNDLES' . . . And Look At The LINE That Formed!!


A weave shop in Mobile Alabama caused a near STAMPEDE - by offering free weave bundles to customers. When word spread around the hood THOUSANDS of people showed up to try and take advantage of the offer.

The lines - which were several hours long in near 100 degree heat - stretched for nearly half a mile. We're told that some folks actually camped out days in advance - to get he free bundles.

Hair weaves are a BILLION dollar industry. Each year, the Black community spends close to $2 Billion in weaves and weave related products. This store is hoping to get some of that money.


According to a report from Huffington Post, The Black haircare industry is grossly underestimated, and knowingly so. Market research firm Mintel estimated the size of the 2012 market at $684 million, with a projection of $761 million by 2017. But Mintel also wisely notes:

What’s missing from these figures are general market brands, weaves, extensions, wigs, independent beauty supply stores, distributors, e-commerce, styling tools and appliances. If all of those things were to be taken into consideration, the $684 million in expenditures could reach a whopping half trillion dollars.

Hair is an important aspect of Black female culture, so it’s unsurprising that we potentially spend that much money on our hair. Good Hair, the 2009 documentary by comedian Chris Rock, shined a spotlight on the business of black hair, particularly our use of relaxers and weaves and the sources of the extensions so many women sew into their hair. Since Rock’s reveal of the industry, much has and hasn’t changed in the world of Black hair.