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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are newlyweds, but their new married life is full of drama and lately, the word is that Hailey warned Selena Gomez to stay away from her husband after finding text messages between the two.

“Justin is constantly talking about Selena, and Hailey is at her boiling point with all of this,” a source close to Gomez told Radar Online.

“But when she caught Justin with Selena texts on his phone last week, Hailey absolutely lost it and reached out to Selena to tell her to stay away from her man!”

But it seems that Selena is not intimidated at all:

“Selena thinks all of this is just hilarious because she knows that Justin will always love her and that Hailey is disposable. The worst part is that Hailey knows this too,” the insider told Radar.

“There is truly nothing that Hailey can do to change how Justin feels. He is talking to Selena again and the two of them are on good terms.”