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Hailey Baldwin, the wife of Justin Bieber has come under fire after old tweets of hers have resurfaced - and now many are calling her a racist!

Back in January 2012, Baldwin tweeted:

 “Shut up before I smack you back to your own country.” 


A year later, she also tweeted:

“Oh are you so tired of it? Well lemme remind u … this is a FREE country … AMERICA BABY."

Later that year, she also wrote:

"To those foreigners who don’t celebrate thanksgiving so sorry your country didn’t have Pilgrims and Indians to start such a sick holiday.” 


This is not the first time that Baldwin has been accused of being a racist. She faced backlash a few months ago after old messages of her using the n-word repeatedly surfaced online.

Baldwin has defended using the n-word in the past because her mother is Brazilian. Does this give her a pass?