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Hackers Release Names Of EVERYONE IN AMERICA WITH HIV . . . On The 'Dark Web'!!


A new report coming out of Europe is FRIGHTENING. A giant file has appeared on the dark web - and many believe that it contains the names of every American who tested positive for HIV. If true, it would be the BIGGEST intrusion into medical records in human history.

For legal reasons, MTO News can not link to the file.

But the file, which is approximately 3 GB has the name, personal information and addresses of thousands of people. The file does not specify explicitly that the named individuals have HIV. But the ile was leaked by a group of hackers, that are believed to be responsible for breaching the security of BLOOD TESTING company LabCorp.

Here's how the Daily Mail is reporting it:

The insider said: 'The only reason for a nationwide shutdown would be in a scenario where there was suspicion of a data intrusion.

'LabCorp was hacked and the suspicion is they were pulling data but he full extent of what was accessed if anything isn't clear.

'The company acted swiftly to stop the intrusion, but the fear is the private medical information of millions of patients may have been accessed.'

LabCorp runs a vast network of labs and patient centers nationwide performing routine and specialty diagnostic testing; the most common tests being bloodwork, urine analysis, and HIV tests.