H.S. Social Studies Teacher Goes VIRAL . . . Giant Booty Distracts Kids!!!

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A High School teacher from New Jersey has gone viral - for having a CRAZY body that many say is a distraction to her teenage students.

The teacher has come under criticism by people on social media, not necessarily for the SIZE of her butt . . . but for her choice of outfits. The beautiful and well endowed Latina teacher, currently teaches at a public high school in New Jersey.

One of the students at the New Jersey school recorded a video of the teacher, as she was explaining social studies to the 10th graders. But the students couldn't really focus on what she was saying - explained the male student - because of the teacher's body.

One social media commenter said it best, "She got the big fake booty, and comes to teach in leggings. She knows she wrong."

Here is the link to the video: