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H.S. Fight Turns DEADLY . . . Teen Hit SO HARD . . . Blood Comes Out His EYEBALLS!! (VID)

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MTO News obtained EXCLUSIVE footage of a disturbing fight that occurred last week, at an Arkansas High School. And one of the teens involved was seriously injured in the fight. The video has since gone viral among students.

The incident occurred outside of Roger’s Heritage High School in Rogers, Arkansas. Two of the high schoolers had a difference, and decided to settle it THROUGH FIGHTING. And while fighting is not the preferred means of settling a dispute, no one could have imagined what happened. next.

As the below video shows, one of the students whose name is Jacob viciously knocks out another student named Drew. And the knockout is extremely brutal. After hitting him in the face, and dropping Drew, blood started gushing out of the teens eyeballs.

Here is the video of the fight - warning graphic

According to, a person often bleeds from his eyes after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

MTO News has not confirmed the condition of Drew. Our prayers are with him and his family.