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A former Miami high school assistant principal is being charged with the murder of a school staffer who was his childhood friend, prosecutors said.

Ernest Roberts was the assistant principal at Miami Norland Senior High School. Now he's charged with the murder of Kameela Russell, a mother who worked as a teacher and test proctor at the south Florida high school.

Roberts and Russell knew each other since childhood, according to police. And Roberts was godfather to Russell's two children, prosecutors told the media. Russell's relatives considered Roberts part of the family, Rundle said.

Police suspect that the Ernest was in love with Kameela, but she wasn't interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with him. The murder may have been tied to Kamella rejecting him.

Here's how ABC News is reporting it:

The day Russell disappeared, she drove to Roberts' house, Rundle said, and was last seen alive walking into his home. Less than one hour after she went inside, neighbors' surveillance video showed Roberts driving her car away from his home, Rundle said.

Investigators were led to Roberts when a school employee came forward with a tip, Rundle said. The employee said Roberts asked about getting rid of a car, Rundle said. The employee also reported that Roberts said he had an intruder and wanted to know how to clean up blood in his house, Rundle said.

That led to a search warrant, Rundle said. Blood was found in Roberts' home, Rundle said, as well as "extensive evidence" of a clean-up effort.