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Someone shot up the tattoo parlor where the show Black Ink NY was filmed - and it was caught on camera.

According to a member of production, someone fired GUNSHOTS at the Black Ink tattoo parlor in New York City. Luckily no one was hit by any bullets, but it could have been really bad.

Here's the video:

The gunshots are believed to be the result of a storyline that went too far. This season, one of the cast members Alex was jumped by two other cast members - Caesar and Teddy.

The "jumping" was supposed to be part of a fake storyline. But Alex has connections to the streets, and some of his homies from the block TOOK THINGS TO ANOTHER LEVEL.


According to multiple sources close to production gunshots were fired at the store, while members of the VH1 cast and crew were inside.

A person close to Alex told MTO News, "Yes they popped a few [rounds] at the shop. No one was trying to hurt anyone though. Just let people know that we're here."

So will VH1 air the shooting? Yes and no. The actual gunshots were not caught by the cameras, only the reaction of the cast members. 

VH1 later staged a brick throwing incident. And used footage from the shooting to make it seem like the cast was running from a brick and not gunshots.

A person close to production told MTO News, "We didn't even report the shooting to police. We didn't know what the repercussions would be to the [Black Ink] shop, or to ourselves."