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Gunplay Shows Off Whistling Nose Due To Cocaine Abuse

Gunplay took to Instagram to show off one of the long-term effects of cocaine use -- his nose now whistles.

"This is the long term effects of cocaine use," he says before he breathes through his nose and makes his nose whistle.

The rapper has been open about his use of cocaine and his history selling crack.

In 2014, the rapper said:

"I have a new fanbase," he said. 

"So, I'm not trying to cater to them, but give em something that they'll f*ck with. You know what I'm saying? Cause my new fanbase—They know me for selling crack and snorting coke and busting guns and sh*t. You know? The hood know me for that," he said.


"But my new fanbase, they wanna hear the crazy Gunplay, the wild Gunplay. They wanna hear that. So, I gave em a record called 'Crazy' featuring Young Dro. And of course for the stoners my n*gga Wayne. Ross on there, 'Kush.' Got an EDM record on my album. Kinda EDM-ish. That's gonna really be big. Shot the video with J.R. Saint. Shot that out there in the Mojave Desert…Just something different. I be bored with music and sh*t."