'GUHHATL's Jhonni Blaze: Quarantine Has Changed My Life!!

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Jhonni Blaze has returned to Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta with a brand new attitude -- and she says she owes it all to quarantine.

Speaking to her former manager, Deb Antney, Jhonni appeared to take responsibility for her wrongdoings -- admitting that her attitude played a lot in her downfall.

 "Quarantine has changed my life because you analyze more things when you're home. And you actually get to know yourself more. And I got tired of battling depression, anxiety and those are two things that I battle with. And it was just anger blaming others for me not being successful," the singer confessed.

Jhonni and Deb discussed their blowups -- most notably their huge bust-up in Jamaica, but Jhonni is willing to take the blame.


"Yes, I'm owning up to that. It's my attitude and I understand why people won't take to me. And it's embarrassing and I know you know it's embarrassing," she said.

Ya'll think she can keep her hot temper under wraps?