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A recent episode of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta aired showing how the aftermath of Surviving R. Kelly impacted on Kelly's ex-wife, Drea Kelly.

Drea says in a confessional that after the series aired, her phone was blowing up and spoke about how some of the viewers were angry at her for suing Kelly for child support.

"My phone has been blowing up with everything that's in the press about my ex. From the Surviving R. Kelly documentary to him not paying child support to people attacking me for me putting in an order against him for not paying child support. That right there is too damn much," she says.

Her daughter, Buku, tells her mother that she is tired of talking about her father.

"It's hard as a mother. You want to protect your children from the scandal, from the headline, from the paparazzi, and just from trolls and hating people. But it's even harder when you can't protect them from the world, and you can't protect them from the pain that comes with having the father that they have," Drea says.

Watch the clip below.