'GUHH' Star Dame Dash: WETV Is Racist!!

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Dame Dash, one of the stars of reality television show Growing Up Hip Hop: Hollywood has lashed out at the network -- he says WEtv is racist.

"I have this lawsuit with WEtv and E1, and the reason why is because I felt that they deliberately separated my family, caused problems, and things that triggered situations with my children -- just to capture it to make our family look dysfunctional," Dame says in the clip posted to his Instagram account.

"We have a lawsuit, and they know the damage they've caused to the relationship with my son Boogie, and with my daughter, Ava to this day-- they completely have no regard for my family and continue to tape with my children, knowing that it's disrupting my family and knowing that it's making it worse. They keep dangling money in front of them, I wish I could control that but I can't. But as human beings, they should have a little more consideration and respect."

Dame then questions why we allow other cultures to do this.

"The way they treated me was so disrespectful. I couldn't believe it. And I'm like 'Why is that if I wanna tell my story, and I wanna put it on your platform, I gotta go through E1, who's run by Tara Long, a woman that's not from my culture? Or Marc [Herwick]. Why do y'all keep doing that?" the rant continues.