Guess Which Popular HBO Actress . . . Was STALKING Her Ex-Boyfriend!!!

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MTO News got its hands on some really interesting information. A popular leading HBO actress is being accused of being a "crazed stalker" by an ex-boyfriend. The actress, reportedly "stalked" her ex, after he broke up with her.

MTO News spoke with a woman who claims her brother was STALKED by the actress who plays the lead role on an HBO series. The tipster explained, "My brother met [HBO ACTRESS] on Tinder. He matched with her and she immediately started messaging him. She was acting really thirsty, he should have known she was crazy."

The insider claims that her brother was initially attracted to the actress, but he quickly lost interest after he started noticing that she was very possessive. The sister added, "She messaged him like 10 times a day, and they were just seeing each other for a couple of week. And when he broke it off, she pulled up at his job demanding that he 'explain' why he was ending things."

The sister ended things with the warning - "That b*tch is crazy. She almost got him fired. And when he asked that she leave his job - she was like 'f*ck you n***ga' in front of his boss." 

The sister claims that the actress still bothers her brother. And she refers to the actress as a "crazed stalker."

We're not sure we're ready to call her crazy. Maybe she was just feeling a little insecure . ..