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MT News just got some SCORCHING hot tea, about one of the biggest couples in Hollywood. According to a celeb insider - the couple got a secret divorce.

We're told that they should be an official announcement in the next year or so.

[Popular couple] went through marriage counseling and tried to save their marriage and repair the problems [Male Celeb's] infidelity caused. Post counseling [Male Celeb] did not change his ways and [Wife] is tired and wanted out but didn't want the public backlash since they are Black marriage royalty.

They no longer say they are married and uses the "life partner" title as a way to distract from the truth that they're really no longer legally together. They share children so they will be in each others lives forever but [male celebrity] is dating other women and will continue to be seen publicly with women because legally he's a single man.

The show has really been therapeutic for [wife] and she was really emotional over the segment she did with [An ex] because she now feels the pain that[The ex] felt when [Wife] was hell bent on taking her husband.

Karma is a bitch and although[The Ex] kept it classy with [Wife], she laughed her ass off behind closed doors and mentioned how everything that glitters isn't gold.

[Male celebrity] only married [Wife] because she was pregnant, she was 3 months at the time of their wedding. All the we were so happy in love stuff was all a lie and it's why [Male celebrity] has continued to carry on affairs throughout their marriage because [Wife] never truly made him happy.