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Gucci Mane And His WIFE Attend Basketball Game . . . Wearing A Combined . . . $5 MILLION IN DIAMONDS!!!


Rapper Gucci Mane and his wife Keyshia Ka’Oir watch the Los Angeles Lakers against the Miami Heat NBA game at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

The pairs lavish wedding cost $1.7 million dollars and took place at the Four Seasons in Miami in October of last year. He is said to be worth The rapper is said to be worth around $15 million based on the records of his previous sales and all of his properties.

While Kingston, Jamaica native Keyshia Ka’oir is rumored to be worth a cool $2 million in her own right.

At an Atlanta Hawks match earlier this year, the pair turned up wearing over 13k worth of designer clothing and of course, blinged out in diamonds.

The makeup maven held him down while he was in prison. He even gave her money to flip, and Ka’oir made Gucci millions while he was sitting.

“She played the most significant role to be honest because a lot of people — even those who were super close — they turned their back on me. And I don’t blame them because I was destructive and disrespectful at the time. She was one of the main people who wanted to stick by me regardless, even though I disrespected her, and so many [other] people. She knew that I was going through something and decided to ride it out with me, and she didn’t have to do that. I was facing a lot of time and we didn’t know what the outcome was going to be, but she knew it was going to work itself out. She showed me true loyalty.”

Ka’oir’s loyalty certainly paid off.

Look at all those diamonds…