Gucci Mane caused controversy when he recently stated that Eminem is not the "King of Rap."

Speaking to Rickey Smiley he was asked about Eminem holding the prestigious title of the “King of Rap” and Gucci did not deliver a cookie cutter response.

“You gotta come up with a better one... That ain’t even worth … ’cause I ain’t playin’ him in my car. You playin’ him in yours? You slidin’ around playin’ Eminem in your car with your old lady? Dolo play Eminem, just metaphors. Just goin’ in?” he said before laughing.

He will upset fans of Eminem but he could have a point. And there are several rappers who have earned that title and have been around a lot longer than Em, including Jay Z and even Ice Cube.

Who is the "King of Rap?"