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GROWN-ISH Star Yara Shahidi Is CALLED OUT . . . For COLORISM On Her Show!!


There’s a growing CHORUS of Black people on Twitter – that are calling for a BOYCOTT of the ABC show Grown-ish.
While the show PURPORTS to cater to African American female viewers, the show does not have a SINGLE dark-skinned Black woman in the cast.

Someone brought that to lead actress Yara Shahidi – and Yara BLOCKED them.

As we all know, Yara Shahidi is light-skinned as well as her co-stars, Beyonce protege’s Chloe x Halle. But all of the female main characters are either light-skinned or white on the show, so it should not be a surprise to Yara or anybody on the show that the question is raised.

Colorism in the entertainment industry is a hot topic right now, so it’s crazy for the show to think that nobody would ever notice.

One viewer said:

“Lmao how’s Grown-ish gonna have an episode calling out black men for only dating light-skinned women, but on the same hand have no dark skinned female representation on the show… now that’s what I call hypocrisy”

Another commented.

“Grown-ish basically like, “Well we dark-ish so clearly colorism is relevant here.” Naw, you don’t have any dark skin girls on your show. Just acceptably brown skin people you think are equipped for colorism talks.”

Check out some more of the reactions below.