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The second season of Grown-Ish will premiere in just a couple of weeks, on Jan. 2nd.

The Black-Ish spin-off will pick up where the season one finale left off with Zoey still in a relationship with fellow student, Luka. After three months apart over the summer holiday, Zoey and the crew are all back at CalU to embark upon a brand new adventure.

Last year we saw Zoey turn to Adderall in a bid to keep up with her class assignments, get caught up in a love triangle with Aaron and Luka and suffer heartbreak from her baller boyfriend.

Trevor Jackson as socially conscious Aaron Jackson, Francia Raisa as conservative Latina Ana Torres, Emily Arlook as openly bisexual Nomi Segal, Jordan Buhat college "dealer" Vivek Shah, Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey track star twins Jazz Forster and Sky Forster, Luka Sabbat as trendy Luca Hall.

Black-Ish's Deon Cole also guests as Professor Charles Telphy.

Grown-ish returns Wednesday, January 2 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.