Angela Simmons is about to drop a bomb on the world - on the current season of Growing up Hip Hop. She will unveil that her deceased baby's father Sutton Tennyson - who was murdered two years ago - used to beat her.

In the newest episode of the show, Angela began discussing the alleged abuse. MTO News spoke with a person in production who told us that Angela plans to disclose that it was the baby's father Sutton - who allegedly abused her.

The WEtv cameras caught Angela discussing her abusive relationship with her friends.

I do feel that this was a great first step, to saying what was going on.

Its very empowering to share my story. Being open and vulnerable and honest is really important.

And so this was definitely a great place to start.

And she had more.

I never realized, until I went through domestic violence, and the verbal abuse. There are so many other people like [me]. And then you start realizing how many people that - behind closed doors - and can't get out of it

For me, I never thought this would be me.

That was one of the worst times in my life.

She then explained how she felt the first time she was assaulted:

That first time didn't feel real. I'm not going thorough this. But it was years. It was abuse, it was verbal abuse, and psychological abuse. I felt stuck. I thought it would get better, but it didn't.

And how can we be so sure she's talking about her baby's father? Well according to NY Post's Page Six - in 2017 Angela had an Order of Protection against him and alleged domestic violence in court. According to their report:

Tennyson was paying around $1,250 a month in child support, but Simmons — the shoe designer daughter of Run D.M.C.’s Rev. Run — wanted more money, the source said.

She’d received temporary custody of Sutton Jr. in July after filing for an order of protection against Tennyson in December 2017, the source said. Simmons had made domestic violence claims against Tennyson in December when the couple split, the source said.

Here's a pic of her baby's father, and their son:

And here's the video, showing Angela talking about her abuse (it starts at 20:25):