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Growing Up Hip Hops Brianna Latrise ARRESTED On Livestream! (WATCH)

Growing Up Hip Hop cast mate Brianna Latrise was arrested at home in front of her son while she was live streaming on Instagram, MTO News has learned.

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So what happened?

According to Brianna, she has been having a disagreement with one of her neighbors - and the lady pulled up to her home at night.

Brianna didn't know what to expect, so she approached the door with a knife, believing that she may have to use it to defend her home.


Brianna's opp then allegedly called the cops, MTO News has learned, and Brianna was arrested because the opp told them that Brianna pulled a knife on someone who came to her door. 

Brianna, who is the daughter of Kendu Isaacs and step-daughter to Mary J Blige, was amid controversies when her erratic behavior was visible during the late-February 2019 episodes on the We TV series Growing Up Hip Hop 

During that season, she had an anxiety attack and even collapsed in the set. On the 20th episode of GUHH, the reality starlet confessed to Boogie Dash that she gets excessively drunk.

According to Boogie, Briana was having a hard time dealing with practical life problems and resorted to drugs or alcohol.