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Greenleaf Actress Merle Dandridge DUMPS White Hubby . . Now ONLY Dating Black Men!!


Greenleaf actress Merle Dandridge is officially single - and looking for a BLACK MAN in her life. Merle has been married to a White man named Christopher Johnston. Well the two are divorcing, and a little birdie told us that Merla wants to give BLACK MEN A CHANCE.

According to one of the actresses friends, Merle - who is biracial (Japanese mom.Black dad) - always dated men of all races, but now she's deciding to give Black men a try exclusively.

Merle's pal told MTO News, "She's in a Black men phase right now. I don't know how long it will last, maye be forever if she finds the right one."

In case you're wondering here's a pic of her ex-husband:

Merle Dandridge is an actress and singer who began her career with Chicago theater production, and her memorable stage performance includes Broadway musicals in Jesus Christ Superstar, Tarzan, and Rent. She appeared in several episodes of Television series including The Deep End, Lie To Me, Love Bites, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Drop Dead Diva, NICS: Los Angels, Perception Suits, and Rosewood.

Her recurring roles in television series include All My Children, Sons of Anarchy, Star-Crossed, The News Room and The Night Shift. Currently, she is winning many hearts with her performance, as series regular, in Oprah Winfrey Network “Greenleaf” as Grace Greenleaf.