Grandma Goes Viral For Telling People To Use Panties As Coronavirus Mask!!


A grandmother is going viral, after she posted a video online where she showed her followers how to make a coronavirus face mask, out of an old pair of panties, MTO News has learned.

The video, which you can see above, is going viral - and it's now been seen by over 25 million people.

In the video, the grandmother speaks directly to followers and instructs them on how she learned "on the internet" that old panties can be used as an effective coronavirus mask.

Then the woman shows exactly what to do to the panties, to make them into a mask.

The woman put the underpants over her head, putting the crotch of the drawers right over her nose and mouth.

The woman claims that by using the underwear, people can mitigate their risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus.

There's an ongoing debate on Twitter regarding how effective this "underwear mask" would be against the virus. Many believe that the underwear would offer little to no protection from the virus.