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We Got More Pics Of The NY DJ . . . Who Allegedly ATE A$AP Rocky's Butt . . . And S*CKED Weezy Dry . . . Fellas Would You KISS HER???? (They're Calling Her . . . LATINA SUPERHEAD)


NY radio DJ Marisa Mendez has really been buzzing in the streets. Some people are calling her the LATINA SUPERHEAD.

This week audio of her talking about two former lovers have been making the rounds. In one conversation she talks about having an ORGY with a rapper in Houston, many believe that to be about Lil Wayne. And in another conversation, Marisa admitted to eating another celebrity's butt - many believe she was talking about A$AP Rocky.

Well Marisa is a lot cuter than we expected. Check her out below, she's thick too.

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