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We Got Some NICKI MINAJ TEA . . . On Why Her Show Got CANCELLED . . . And Why Rihanna BEAT HER OUT . . . For A Role In The New Movie OCEAN'S 8!!!

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Nicki Minaj is in the middle of a career crisis. Shes been TRYING to move into becoming a mainstream actress, but it's not working because of her bad reputation. They even chose Rihanna's non-acting azz over Nicki in the new movie Ocean's Eight.

Here's what an insider with KNOWLEDGE is telling us:

Nicki Minaj recently tried to hit up The Voice to be a judge but they ain't want her over there due to issues at American Idol with Mariah, nor do they believe she has the likeability to be a judge. Her beefs and attitude have really damaged her reputation and career in this respect. This had her really pissed her off especially considering Miley's presence on the show recently.

She is switching gears and is going for more acting over a year at this point.

Her show was going to be used for her to crossover and to expand her mainstream/non-urban audience in general but her show deal was cancelled because of her brother's UNDERAGE RAPE scandal.

Last droplet I can give you is that she has been pursuing major (non-urban) roles since Barbershop, one of which I can confirm was Ocean's Eight.

They were interested too but ended up going with Rihanna instead.

That should tell you something about how awful her reputation is; I will be surprised if she's able to get any major (non-Urban) roles anytime in the recent future. I will say two major actresses for O8 had huge some say in that decision. It's not just people behind the scenes that saying this... At a certain point if you're planning on crossing over from music to acting it's probably smart not to bruise any of these star's egos and play nice.