We Got The LATEST ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES Tea . . . Find Out About PHAEDRA . . . Kenya's New HUSBAND . . . And What's Going On With KANDI AND PHAEDRA!! (TEA)


Here's what we were sent from an MTO reader:

I'm working an event this weekend with an Atlanta photographer that works for a national agency and takes official photos of the Housewives. I asked if he had any Atlanta tea and he told me the following:

  1. Phaedra is filming for the new season (filming just started). But Kandi is refusing to film ANYTHING with her, with or without a group.
  2. Production is pissed Kenya got romanced and married while filming was suspended, but they need her for the drama, so she's not going anywhere.
  3. Shamea might get her peach this season and is filming a ton.
  4. He worked Kim Z's bday party and said she is super pretty in person and that it's a shame she feels the need to do so much work on her face and so much Insta-photoshop.
  5. Remembered one last thing he said. I asked him about Kenya's new husband, and he confirmed the rumors that neither Kenya or Kenya's husband want him anywhere near production. So I would be surprised if we see much of him in the next season if we see him at all.