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We Got CLOSE UP PICS Of Cardi B's BELLY . . . And She SURE AS HECK . . . Looks Like She's PREGNANT TO US!!! (Did Offset Kill Her Career??)

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Cardi B poses outside of the Alexander Wang Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week.

Whispers about Cardi B's weight gain have been appearing up and down the Instagram timelines for at least a week or two, and we are not the only ones who have noticed.

Basketball Wives star, Tami Roman recently uploaded an episode of her Bonnet Chronicles, addressing the pictures of Cardi B's footage of her performance in Trinidad. And she didn't hold back either. "You looked pregnant" before compelling Cardi to admit it and quit the secrecy.

"I woke up at 9 PM and I see that motherfuckers is[sic] talking about me. Why theeeeeee f*ckkkk are you talking about me? I DON'T EVER TALK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE!!!! I be talking my shit but not about others specially if I don't know you" She barked. "Sooooooooo whyyyyy is my name in your f*cking mouth?!!!" she continued. "Do I take you a check? Do I f*ck you? Am I eating your p*ssy? Am I helping you find a job? So why Cardi B be in your fucking mouth?"

Despite Cardi's denials, fans are not buying her excuse that she's just getting fat. While some are pointing the finger at Offset and blaming him for intentionally trying to end her career, some are claiming that even if she is pregnant, her label will put pressure on her to have an abortion.

Take a look at these close up pictures of Cardi B. Does she look preggers to you?