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We Got Some BIKINI PICS Of Kim Zolciak's DAUGHTER BRIELLE . . . And She Got A Very NICE BODY For A White Girl!!! (Did She Get INJECTIONS Yet??)

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Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle celebrated her 21st birthday in Miami – and she showed off her bikini body.

Earlier this week, Brielle defended her lips after a follower commented that she had gotten a lot of work done on her face.

"i nothing but my lips!!! My face is fat right now I'm thicker than I usually am. 'Can all of u seriously f**k off. It's my face if I wanna get 37 surgeries on it I will!! Bye," Brielle clapped back.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann has also publicly defended her daughter's choice to use lip filler.

“First of all, she’s almost 20, so talk to her. And then, why not? Shoot it up!” she told WWHL host, Andy Cohen. “I’ve heard her complain about her lips since she came out of the womb, honestly... I was like, ‘I’m going to take you to the best.'"

Brielle is now 21, and of course, she's able to make her own decisions. But the lip fillers add at least 10-years to her face, much like her mother, Kim. We hope that she keeps any cosmetic procedures to her face and her face alone.

She has an amazing (natural) body, and it doesn't need fillers or implants or anything else. Take a look her bikini body below. She looks great, right?