MTO EXCLUSIVE TEA About Nicki And Nas Relationship . . . They're Saying it's ALL A SCAM . . . And That Nicki Is PAYING HIM FOR THE 'D'!!!


Here's some tea that we received from a little birdie. Sip at your discretion:

Nicki and Nas's relationship is as fake as her butt, teeth and skin tone. A few months ago she had her team reach out to him with a financial offer to fake date her after Remy's attack. They went back and forth but eventually reached an agreement. Nas however has not been keeping up his end of the deal. . .

They were supposed to attend shows together in New York for Fashion Week but he kept flaking on her. After pictures surfaced of Kim and Remy in the studio she lost it. She popped up on him at his birthday celebration because he's always easy going when the Henny is flowing.

She usually tries to FaceTime him so people can see that they really talk to one another. She has even gone as far as to try and get close to his family, management and friends. They have had sex at this point, which has been another disappointment for her. He's lacking in quality and quantity. He's fine and talented so I guess he couldn't have it all.

Woooooow . . .