Formerly GAY Gospel Artist DONNIE McCLURKIN Is Getting Married . . . He Says He's PRAYED ABOUT IT . . . And Now He's 100% STRAIGHT!!! (Do You BELIEVE HIM??)


Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin used to consider himself gay, but not anymore. After years of "prayer therapy" Donnie now claims to be 100% straight. So straight that he just announced his engagement to fellow gospel singer Nicole Mullen.

Nicole is a woman, with only female body parts.

The gospel couple raised eyebrows earlier this year after attending the Stellar Awards together. confirmed a few weeks ago that the two were in fact a couple. Well now this very happy couple is headed down the aisle.

TBN's Matt Crouch broke the news on the PRAISE THE LORD show last week. Donnie said the following:

"Well praise God. Honestly, the only thing in my life that is missing is marriage. The only thing that is missing in my life that can cause real family, is marriage. Financially, I'm there. Spiritually, I'm almost there. Emotionally, I'm getting it together. But the only thing that's missing out of everything that I'm doing locally, cross country and globally is that aspect that makes family, family — is that wife that would make man whole, that element that brings favor to man."