Goons Try And CARJACK RAPPER . . . While He's STREAMING ON LIVE . . . Gunshots!!! (Video)

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Texas rapper Boogatti Kasino nearly lost his car, and his life yesterday. The rapper was on LIVE streaming to his fans when a group of goons CAUGHT HIM LACKIN.

A man pulled up next to him, and started asking Boogatti some questions. First he questions were friendly. After a few moments, however, everything changed

It soon became clear that the goon was just stalling for time - and preparing to rob Boogati. Luckily the rapper was street smart, and he realized what was happening.

Boogati slyly told his driver to start the car and pull off. And it was just in the nick of time.

The goon pulled a gun and tried to SHOOT Boogati and the driver. Luckily they both escaped without any injuries.

Here is the video: