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Goons RAN DOWN On Rapper RICO RECKLESS . . . Put GUNS In His Face . . . On LIVE!!!


Last night another rapper nearly lost his life. Rico Reckless was RAN DOWN UPON by a gunman - who put a gun in his face. The man who pulled the gun was a Nashville rapper named 100k Trucc.

Rico was at a Tennessee gas station when he ran into 100K Trucc and his friends. At first, the Nashville rapper seemed to be friendly with Rico Reckless. But then things went left.

Truck ran down on Rico as he sat in his car. He stuck a gun in Rico's face and started asking him about why he "dissed" the Gangster Disciples gang. Rico Reckless tried to explain his situation, and eventually PULLED OFF.

100K Trucc then laughed at Rico, and claimed he was "scary." The entire incident was captured on Live.

Here's the video of the local goons taking pictures with Rico Reckless in the gas station just a few minutes earlier:


Back in October of last year Rico got ran down on again, this time in Tennessee. In fact, MTO News reported at the time:

Chicago rapper Rico Reckless got CAUGHT SLIPPING in Atlanta. Some local goons BAT HIM UP because he made a diss track against another rapper named Young Pappy.

The guys who assaulted him were so proud of what they did - they Livestreamed it so that everyone (including the police) can see it.

Here's a link to that video:

Rico Recklezz (Born Ronnie Ramsey) is a drill rapper from Chicago, Illinois. According to reports, "Recklezz is a gang member affiliated with the Black P Stone Nation in Chicago and is with 075 Wuga World." During an interview Rico explained why his name is spelled with 2 zzs by saying “I’m Rico Recklezz man, with 2 zzs cause I’ll put a n*gga to sleep real quick."

It sounds like Rico is the one going to sleep instead. . .