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Las Vegas goons ran down on rapper Lil Baby and took his chain, MTO News confirmed.

The incident occurred last night, at a Las Vegas concert. Lil Baby was performing, when a group of local Las Vegas goons ran down on him and his security team.

A fight quickly broke out, and during the melee, one of the Las Vegas goons managed to snatch Lil Baby's $250,000 chain - the largest one in the above pic.

So what happened? According to social media chatter, Lil Baby and his people didn't pay protection money with the local gang members - and so they pulled up.

It's not clear what - if anything - Lil Baby or his crew will do in retaliation for the chain snatching. We are told that Lil Baby did NOT call the police on his attackers.

In a recent article by Billboard Lil Baby and frequent collaborator Gunna were praised for their collaborative album "Drip Harder": 

 Across 13 tracks, the duo refines more than they reinvent. From a business standpoint, it makes sense. Baby is signed to Quality Control, the same label home to Migos and Lil Yachty. Gunna is the most successful member of Young Thug’s YSL imprint. Both young men fill similar purposes for their respective houses: workman rappers who forgo eccentricity in favor of relatable music that rides trends instead of bucking them. Baby and Gunna’s stories never seem unattainable or farfetched. Their music sounds of the people.

Lil Baby might not have his chain anymore, but he still has endless talent.