A Minnesota rapper known as Momoh was shot in his house on New Year's Eve. Then the perpetrators turned their attention to his girlfriend. They kidnapped her and executed her.

Momoh is best known for releasing a song that featured the late Nipsey Hussle and performed recently at SXSW Music Conference in Austin. 

So why was Momoh attacked in his home? Police believe that the perpetrators wanted to rob him. According to reports, he had just signed a record deal and was flaunting wads of cash on social media. He even posted a video on Instagram of hundred dollar bills spinning in a laundry dryer.

Here's Momoh's beautiful girlfriend, Monique Baugh, who was murdered:


According to police, a 41-year-old man named Cedric Berry broke into Momoh and Monique's home - where the couple lived with their two daughters, ages one and three. Cedric allegedly opened fire on Momoh, shooting him several times before fleeing.

Momoh survived the shooting, but his girlfriend didn't.

A little over an hour later, three gunshots were heard in a nearby alley. When police arrived, they found Monique's body. She had been shot three times -- twice in the torso and once in the face -- and was dead on the scene.

The young beauty was not only a mother of two and in the prime of her life, but she also worked professionally as a realtor.

Cedric Berry is charged with second-degree murder, second-degree attempted murder, and kidnapping.