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GOOD SAMARITAN . . . Turns BAD!! Tries To BREAK UP FIGHT Between Man And Woman . . . Ends Up SHOOTING BOTH OF THEM!! (DETAILS)


New York police are saying that a 37-year-old man from the Bronx named Luis (Crazy Lou) Chacon shot and killed a man and a woman. Police say that Crazy Lou started out trying to break up a fight the couple was having, but ended up MURDERING them both.

Witnesses told police that Crazy Lou allegedly tried to stop a heated argument that Yajahira Duverge, 37, and Beramy Garcia, 33, were having on the street. According to witnesses, Beramy accidentally rammed a motor-scooter into Yajahira’s baby stroller holding her 3-year-old son Jeremy.

Initially Crazy Lou was able to calm the situation. But at some point Lou and Beramy started arguing, and Lou believed he was being "disrespected." So he left, and returned a short time later with a gun - and opened fire on Beramy, a police source said.

Beramy was killed by the shots. And one of the shots also hit Yajahira, who was sitting in a chair more than 20 feet away, in the chest, police sources said. She was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital, where she died.