GOOD SAMARITAN Saves Two Teenagers From Car Wreck . . . And As Thanks . . . They ROB AND SHOOT THE MAN!! (What Is This WORLD Coming To)


Be careful WHO you help these days. That's a hard lesson that a North Charleston man learned yesterday.

Police have charged two teens with robbing and then shooting a man, after the victim helped them pull their SUV out of a ditch.

According to police 45-year-old Chadwick Garrett came across an overturned truck on the side of the road. He immediately pulled over his car, got out and offered to assist the occupants trapped in the overturned vehicle.

That's when police say that Deon Frasier, 17, and Michael Dupree-Tyler, 19, did the unthinkable.

"During the investigation, it was learned that the victim was assisting two black males in pulling a Dodge Durango out of the ditch," a news release from North Charleston's Spencer Pryor states. "After the victim got the vehicle out of the ditch, the two suspects then robbed and shot the victim."

Investigators got information that the two suspects were at an apartment on Dorchester Road, a few miles away. Deon and Michael were caught and arrested.

The Good Samaritan Chadwick is listed in stable condition.