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We Have GOOD NEWS And BAD NEWS . . . Good News Is Lil Kim's SKIN Is Black Again . . . Bad News Is She Got An 'ASIAN' FACELIFT!!!

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Lil Kim showed off her new face yesterday – she now looks like an ASIAN woman.

She rocked a long, waist-length, flowing wig with a side parting to the Marc Jacobs Fall 2018 show.

Last year, she spoke to OUT magazine about her fashion inspiration:

"I would say my mom. She and her friends always had this unique style about them—I was always around women who dressed over the top. And back then, color was way over the top, you know what I mean? My mom would change her hair color all the time. She would wear these little outfits. And she would dress me up in these things. I didn't know what I had on. People would be like, “Where'd you get that?” And I was like, “What?”

She also spoke on her vast collection of wigs:

"I can't even count them I have so many! People are always giving them to me. I used to wear my own hair. It's black, and I used to wear it really short and curly. A lot of people tell me, “I wish you'd wear your hair like that again. It's so sweet.” And one day I may do something. I just have to wait till I find something to hold onto again. I'm always concerned about, How am I gonna top my last album cover? How am I gonna top my look at the MTV awards, you know what I'm saying?"

At this point, we know about Kim's surgery and ever-changing face, so there really isn't too much else to say except, wow.