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Good GAWD . . . Blac Chyna Is Photo'd Wearing Some SHORT SHORTS . . . And It Looks Like Her Shorts Are READY TO EXPLODE!! (Her Body Is TOO Much For The Denim Material)

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Blac Chyna seems to have moved totally on from Rob Kardashian as she and her new boyfriend Mechie enjoy an afternoon of lunch and shopping in Studio City.

Can you believe how she looks in those jean shorts??

This is the best image of Chyna walking

Chyna is also showing off her dance moves in a new video. Chyna dances in lingerie and caresses her body in a raunchy new music video for the rapper Belly's song "P.O.P.," and smirks when Belly delivers the lyrics: "You were seduced by her sin/Don't let Lucifer in/She took you for everything/You let her do it again."