IT'S GOING DOWN . . . Olympic Gymnasts Simone Biles And Gabby Douglas . . . Are FIGHTING ON TWITTER!!! (Who Ya GOT??)


Last night it popped off . . . an Olympic TWITTER BRAWL between Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles.

There has always been some TENSION between the two girls. Reportedly Gabby doesn't like Simone because she believes Simone acts a little too "bourgie." Simone, of course, thinks Gabby is just JEALOUS of her success.

Last night the tension came to a head, and Simone "called out" Gabby.

Simone sent out a tweet, exposing Gabby publicly for not talking to her - unless the media cameras were around. Gabby responded. And both Olympians have since deleted the tweets.

But the first shots have been fired.

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