IT'S GOING DOWN!!!! Nicki Minaj Is Filming Her REMY DISS VIDEO In The Bronx . . . And She's Paying BRONX GIRLS . . . To Disrespect REMY In The Projects She GREW UP IN!!! (Details And Evidence)


The Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef is about to get taken to the NEXT LEVEL. A little birdie told us that Nicki is filming scenes for the video of her new HIT SONG "No Frauds (The Remy Diss)" in Remy's HOMETOWN of the Bronx.

And it gets better. Nicki will be filming in CASTLE HILL PROJECTS - where Remy grew up. And we hear that Nicki is PAYING girls from Castle Hill to disrespect REMY.

Here's evidence - a Craigslist post that Nicki allegedly posted online: