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It's GOING DOWN!! Meghan Markle's SISTER Is Fighting With They ROYALS . . . Because Harry And The Queen . . . DISRESPECTED THEIR FAMILY!!! (She BLASTED Harry On Twitter)

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Meghan Markle's sister Samantha is upset over comments that Harry made about Meghan's family over the weekend. Sarah Montague asked Prince Harry if there were some royal family traditions that he had to teach Meaghan in time for the holidays, and the prince said there were plenty.

Prince Harry responded, “No, look, she’s done an absolutely amazing job. She’s getting in there and it’s the family I suppose that she’s never had."

So Samantha got in it. She responded that they have a large family who always showed love and support for Meghan. “She has a large family. She always did. Our dad is amazing and completely self-sacrificing. We made it so that she had two houses. How fun it was!” she wrote.